Frequently Ask Question

Standard FAQ:

1. How do I get started?

Once you’re logged in, you can connect with the mentor assigned to you via Messaging in your Inbox or by updating in your Task Updates. Set an appointment using Meetings to discuss your goals, milestones and tasks.

2. Is this online mentoring platform free?

Yes, if you been selected for the 6 Months Free Online Mentoring & Coaching Programme. You must complete your project in approximately 6 months from the start date. Tips: Set reasonable goals and targets with your mentor.

3. Can I access this platform and website from any computer or mobile devices?

Yes, you can with a valid username and password. Please note that we are constantly improving our platform and if you come across any error, please kindly report it to our technical team to make your online experience at 1MET Mentoring Programme a pleasurable one or many.

4. What learning resources are available via the 1MET Mentoring Programme?

The learning resources available are all related to developing your skills as an entrepreneur. Some of the materials are basic level and can lead up to advance level. Learning materials are presented in the form of articles, videos, online coaching (coming soon), live webinars (coming soon) and real-time workshops, classes or events. Access our Blog to look for learning resources.

5. Can I download from the online resources?

Yes, for the ones made available. If it is not yet available, you can request from our Support Team to check.

6. How do I set a meeting and where does it take place?

You can go to Meetings on your Mentoring Platform to send your mentor/mentee messages pertaining to your project. Meetings shall take place in the virtual space using the Online Video Call function on this Online Mentoring Platform. The Online Video Call allows for your calls to be timed as per the programme requirement.

7. How can I view my project progress?

Track your progress by clicking on “My Progress”. You can see where you’re ahead and where you are left behind. Take action on your tasks simply by clicking the “Action” buttons.

8. How do I update my tasks?

At “My Progress”, click on “Action” buttons. You can “View”, “Update” or “Discuss” on your tasks.

9. What are the computer/internet requirements to run this Online Mentoring Platform?

We recommend the following configuration:

  • Windows PC: Google Chrome
  • Mac PC: Google Chrome or Safari
  • Linux PC: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

10. Do I need high-speed Internet access?

Yes, because you are required to connect with your mentor/mentee via Online Video Call and access some rich-media online course materials. To ensure no service interruption, you need high-speed internet connection. If you only want to update progress status or view static articles, you won’t require high-speed internet connection.