1MET Mentoring Programme Giving you the best of entrepreneurial connection through experiences of successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Overview :

A true entrepreneur seek to add value to everything they create, ideate and deliver to their niche or mass. To do that, they need all the advice, support and motivation that will keep them on the path to success. 1MET Mentoring Programme brings you mentors from all walks of entrepreneurial life with experiences you’ll need as a business advisor, support system and positive reinforcement. From building a connection to growing your network to scaling your market presence, a mentor’s duty is to develop your focus into becoming a successful entrepreneur with a sustainable business.


How it Works :

A mentor will serve as your business advisor or expert in the industry you will embark in as an entrepreneur. It is a process that may very well be a lifelong beneficial relationship to both the mentor and mentee.

The programme includes:

  • The setting of SMART goals and desired outcomes
  • Performing tasks and taking courses to achieve and improve outcomes
  • Develop business models, idea validation, prototypes and MVP.
  • Building a sustainable business network
  • And more…

How to Qualify?

  • Become a member of 1MET Training Bootcamp (from the yea 2013 to 2016). If you have never attended the bootcamp, you can register now to gain access.
  • Submit a 1-minute video pitch about your business idea to be evaluated by our team of mentors. Learn more about it here >>
  • Wait for the call from your assigned mentor!


Our Mentors :

We select only the best of entrepreneurs as mentors that will fit your profile. They will have the know-how, how-to and experience of running a sustainable business, they can connect you with a strong network that can help build your business and share their industry experiences to minimise probable risks and challenges in your business endeavours. The most important thing is for you to build a good respectable relationship with your mentor as he or she will commit to bringing you the success you desire.


Become a Mentor :

Interested to become a 1MET Mentoring mentor? Do you think you have what it takes to give the most reliable support to your mentee? Check the boxes if you meet the following criteria:

  • I have more than 7 years of experience in running my own business and have awesome managerial skills
  • I have a large business network that can benefit the growth of my mentee
  • I am resourceful to make sure my mentee can get the most out of my role as a mentor
  • I enjoy committing my time to helping future entrepreneurs achieve success and able to sustain it

If you checked out most of the boxes then we only need you to understand the role of a 1MET Mentoring mentor:

  • You need to help your mentee set SMART goals and plan tasks to achieve them
  • You need to identify the needs of your mentee including their skills development, character improvement and anything that is essential to their success
  • You have to drive the communication with your mentee by organizing meetings, keeping track of their progress and pick-up on mentee’s call for help
  • You must be able to connect mentee to agencies, investors or other experienced entrepreneurs to establish the product’s substantiality
  • You must be the support system for your mentee and maintain a good working relationship
  • You need to fully give your time once you have been accepted as a 1MET Mentoring Mentor

Here are the steps to become a 1MET Mentoring Mentor:

  • You can apply online or receive a formal invitation from 1MET Mentoring
  • Submit your profiles with details and references for evaluation
  • Complete the 1MET Mentor’s Certification Program
  • Attend a 1-day compulsory mentor/coach induction boot camp
  • Start mentoring online

We highly appreciate your passion to help build the entrepreneurs of tomorrow with the sharing of your experiences and expertise. We hope for you to become part of the 1MET Mentoring Programme team!


Mentor Eligibility Criteria

Essential Criteria

  • Mentors already working with startups and seeking to hone their skills'
  • Wide knowledge on entrepreneurship (current trends, jargon, tools etc.) and the ecosystem in Malaysia
  • Practicing entrepreneurs interested in supporting startup entrepreneurs
  • Practitioners from industry passionate about mentoring and aspiring to be mentors
  • Open to accept and try new ideas/method

Desirable Criteria

  • Well known in the ecosystem and beyond i.e an influencer
  • Has more than 5 years of experience in entrepreneurship
  • A confident and a competent “public” person
  • Financially literate (Finance, Accounting & Controlling)
  • Representatives from technical institutions and financial institution involved in promotion of entrepreneurship through skill development.


Become a Mentee :

You’re here and you’re ready to grab this opportunity to be mentored by some of the best in the world of Malaysian Entrepreneurs. This is how you can be part of the 1MET Mentoring Programme:

  • Apply by sending a 1-minute video pitch about your business idea to be evaluated by our team of mentors
  • Fill in the form with as much details as you can provide about your business idea
  • Once selected, you must commit to 6 months of online mentoring – you can adjust your timing with your mentor
How to submit a video pitch

  • If you have not registered, you must register by clicking on “JOIN” and complete the registration steps
  • Login and go to your “Dashboard”
  • Click on “Video Pitch” and follow the instructions given.

All the best future entrepreneurs!